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Naturists clothes-on is media plot!

By Reham Al-farra

The big fuss about naturists planning to make a controversial calendar with their clothes on was nothing but a media plot.

Michael Berridge, Public Relation Officer of the Central Council for British Naturism in Southampton, revealed that a newspaper in Ireland needed a story to fill its free space when it came out with the idea.

The newspaper proposed to naturists they should pretend that they are bored with all the nudity calendars, which is no longer a newsworthy story for the media, and decide to retaliate with a different calendar with their clothes on!

"Naturists thought it is good publicity and accepted it as a joke, so the newspaper made a big front page story of it, which was followed by other newspapers afterward." said Berridge.

The nudity charity calendars fashion started around the UK, when Karol Beryl, a 65 year-old Bournemouth widow and a breast cancer victim decided to make a nude calendar to raise fund to help aid for other victims of the disease.

She raised £10,000 and is hoping that her calendar will raise another £25,000 which is the necessary sum of money to buy a digital camera for early detection of the disease.

After Beryl's calendar some charity institutions picked up on the idea and made their own calendars. Rita Swanson, Vice Chairman at Rylstone Women Institute, said that they were inspired by Beryl's calendar.

"Eleven ladies of the federation made another nudity calendar to aid Leukemia victims after their friend died because of it."

"We faced criticism from some members. But once they saw how much money the calendar made they stopped complaining," she said.

Michael Berridge said that these people are not naturists and they don't claim to be, but although naturists have no problem with it, there are too much naked calendars now.

"Some of them are funny and good and some are cheap," Mr Berridge said.

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Originally posted: 2/12/02; 4:18:47 PM